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Design And Manufacture Specialised Hydraulic Systems


  • Design & manufacture of speciality valves & components.
  • Range valves suitable for industrial and explosion proof applications.
  • Engineering solution provider specialising in Hydraulic valves and HIC’s (Hydraulic integrated circuits).
  • Largest available stock of of Eaton, Integrated and Danfos valves in Australia
  • Manifolds


  • 10 CNC machines
  • Capable of milling up to 962mm x 650mm x 700mm.
  • Component Manufacturing
  • Design > Prototype > Manufacture Runs
  • SolidCAM CAM (Computer Aided Machining)
  • Solidworks (3D Modelling and Testing)
  • Solidworks CAD 3D Modelling


  • State of the Art Okuma CNC Machine
  • Full Solution Provider with multiple options and lower costs
  • Able to adapt to customer demand
  • Full in-house design and manufacture process
  • Highly experiences team specialising in Hydraulic Design and Fabrication
  • Industry 4.0 capable

Hydraulic, Pneumatics, and Precision Machining

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Operating at ISO 9001